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The Furio is a state-of-the-art high-performance aircraft that enables a new generation of pilots to experience the satisfaction of building and flying their own aircraft.

Innovative developments in composite technology have enabled the development of an airframe comprised of fewer than 30 structural components. Assembly is simpler and considerably faster than for currently available kit aircraft, and no specialist knowledge or tools are necessary.

The Furio LN 27 RG is a stunning blend of classic beauty and blistering performance.

It is a true pilot’s aircraft with handling reminiscent of a fighter; cruise speed is in excess of 175 kts/201 mph (180 hp – 75% – 7,000 ft). It is a fully aerobatic aeroplane rated to +6, -3 G’s.

With a 43” wide cockpit, the Furio emphasizes ergonomic excellence in a stylish sports car-like cocoon. The sliding canopy gives excellent 360° visibility and adds to the classic feel.

Controls are light and beautifully harmonized for the discerning pilot, yet with enough feel and predictability to allow low-time pilots to confidently hone their skills.

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EngineXP-IO-360 (180HP)
Maximum Speed190 kts – 219 mph
Cruise speed (75% at 7000 ft)175 kts – 201 mph
Cruise speed (65% at 9000 ft)168 kts – 193 mph
Stall (clean)64 kts – 73 mph
Stall (full flap)54 kts – 62 mph
Takeoff distance (50 ft obst.)1000 ft – 305 m
Landing distance (50 ft obst.)1100 ft – 335 m
Rate of climb2000 fpm – 610 mpm
Aerobatic flight load limits+6, -3 G’s
Range* (Standard Fuel)1110 nm (1277 miles) + 30 minutes reserve @ 65% @ 9000ft
Range* (Extended Fuel)1925 nm (2215 miles) + 30 minutes reserve @ 65% @ 9000ft


Length22′ 4″6.8 m
Wingspan26′ 4″8.02 m
Height7′ 10″2.4 m
Cabin width (interior)43.5″1.1 m
Wing area11-0 sq ft10.2 sq m
Aspect ratio6.4
Empty weight*1279 lb600 kg
MTOW (utility)2160 lb1080 kg
MTOW (aerobatic)1746 lb792 kg
Std fuel option64 gal242 l
Extended fuel option106 gal400 l
Baggage capacityExcessive!

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