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The Furio LN27 RG kit is divided into a number of sub kits as listed below.
Click each heading to view a complete parts list.


Airframe Kit NZD $94,225.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
B2-10Fuselage Assembly1
B2-15Coaming Port1
B2-16Coaming Starboard1
B2-20Front Wheel Well1
B2-40Rear belly pan (e-glass)1
B2-50Engine Mount reinforcements stock1
B2-60Rudder Pulleys Rear Support Beam1
B2-65Rudder Pulley Brackets Channel1
B2-70Elevator Pushrod Support1
B3-10Fin TE Fairing Top1
B3-20Fin TE Fairing Bottom1
B3-30Rear Fin Spar Plate1
B3-42Front Tank Bottom Shelf1
B3-53Rear Tank Bottom Shelf1
S2-31Fuel Tank Bulkheads Set1
B3-60Stick support Bar1
B4-10Central Wing Section1
S4-13Fuselage Join Rib Stock Sheet1
B4-15Main Gear Wheel Well2
B4-30Main Gear Strut Cover - Port1
B4-40Main Gear Strut Cover - Stbd1
C2-10Wing Assembly - Port1
C2-16Wing Rib - Inboard - Port1
C2-17Wing TE Fairing Port1
C2-18Wing Rib - Outboard - Port1
C2-20Wing Assembly - Stbd1
C2-26Wing Rib - Inboard - Stbd1
C2-27Wing TE Fairing Starboard1
C2-28Wing Rib - Outboard - Stbd1
C3-11Wing tip skin Port1
C3-21Wing tip skin Starboard1
C4-11Flap Port Bottom Skin1
C4-12Flap Port Top Skin1
C4-21Flap Stbd Bottom Skin1
C4-22Flap Stbd Top Skin1
C5-11Aileron Port Bottom Skin1
C5-12Aileron Port Top Skin1
C5-21Aileron Stbd Bottom Skin1
C5-22Aileron Stbd Top Skin1
D2-10Stabiliser Assembly1
D3-10Elevator Assembly1
D3-14Elevator Inner Fairing2
D3-15Elevator Hinge Cover2
D4-10Rudder Assembly1
D4-13Rudder mass balance moulding1
B4-02Fuselage Wing joiner bush - Inner2
B4-03Fuselage Wing joiner bush - Outer2
B4-04Wing Join Inner Sleeve2
B4-05Wing Join Outer Sleeve2
B4-06Sec Spar Joiner Plate2
B4-07Sec Spar joiner outer bush2
B4-08Sec Spar joiner middle bush2
B4-09Sec Spar joiner inner bush2
C2-09Wing Spar joiner bush - Inner2
C2-10Wing Spar joiner bush - Outer2
F2-11Laser cut S.Steel Firewall Cover1
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
B2-45Carbon Rear belly panNZ$325
C3-50Flush Mounted Wing Tip Lens KitNZ$760
G2-23Factory Fitted VHF Aerial in FinNZ$380

Canopy Kit NZD $6,215.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
J2-01Windshield Acrylic1
J3-01Canopy Acrylic - Classic/XL1
J3-10Canopy Frame - Classic/XL1
J3-11Canopy Shell Outer - Classic/XL1
J3-15Canopy Latch Kit - Left Hand1
J3-16Canopy Latch Kit - Right Hand1
TS-04-12Canopy Rails4
TW-04-12Canopy Cars4
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
J3-22Canopy Fuel Flap - Classic/XLNZ$40

Cockpit Kit NZD $6,060.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
B6-10Cockpit Floor Port1
B6-20Cockpit Floor Stbd1
B6-30Footwell Port1
B6-40Footwell - Stbd1
B6-50Luggage Bay (Eglass)1
B6-60Center Console1
G2-11Seat Pan2
XX-XXAluminum Instrument Panel - Blank1
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
NEWThird Seat (2+1) Kit*NZ$9850
B3-70Instrument panel shadeNZ$345
B6-55Luggage Bay - Carbon OptionNZ$390
B6-65Center Console with armrestNZ$280
G2-12Seats in Carbon (each)NZ$190
  *Third Seat option includes XL Canopy and is not available with
  Extended Fuel Rear Bladder Option.

Control System Kit NZD $10,450.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
B4-20Flap Actuator Support Bracket Stock1
H2-04Aileron Primary Control Rod End - Outer2
H2-05Aileron Pushrod - Long2
H2-06Aileron Primary Control Rod-Inner End2
H2-08Aileron Secondary Control Rod2
H3-01Rudder Pedal RH1
H3-02Rudder Pedal LH1
H3-14Rudder Pedal Bearing Block Half6
H3-15Rudder Pedal Support Bracket2
H3-16Rudder Bracket Retainer3
H4-03Elevator Pushrod Tube - Rear1
H4-05Elevator Pushrod End - Rear2
H4-06Elevator Pushrod Tube - Front1
H4-19Elevator Control Arm Bush1
H4-27Elevator Pushrod End - Front2
H5-02Flap Actuator Torque Tube - RH1
H5-03Flap Actuator Torque Tube - LH1
H5-04Flap Control Rod (L + R)2
H7-01Control Stick2
H7-02Control Stick Connecting Rod1
H7-05Control Stick Support Tube1
H3-10Top Hinge Bracket - Fin1
H3-11Top Hinge Bracket - Rudder1
H4-09Outer Hinge - Stabiliser2
H4-10Outer Hinge - Elevator2
H4-11Centre Hinge Bracket - Stabiliser1
H5-07Flap Actuator Torque Tube Mount2
C1-01Flap Hinge Support Bracket4
C1-03Flap / Aileron Hinge Support Bracket4
S5-101/8" 2024T3 aluminium watercut plate1
S5-203/16" 2024T3 aluminium watercut plate1
S5-301/4" 2024T3 aluminium watercut plate1
XX-XX6061T6 1x1x0.050 90 section 61
XX-XX(2024 T3) 1x1x0.125 90 section 1.51
XX-XX1x1.5x0.125" 90 profile (2024 T3)1
2x2x0.125" 90 profile (6061T6)1
XX-XXMS20257P4-3 Piano Hinge1
XX-XXPolyethylene sheet stock1
XX-XXHardware Pack1
XX-XXRudder and Steering Control Cable Set1
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
XX-XXElectric Flap ActuatorNZ$890
XX-XXElevator Trim Motor KitNZ$480

Landing Gear Kit NZD $19,370.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
E2-06Main Gear Strut - Port1
E2-07Main Gear Strut - Stbd1
E2-08Main Gear Lower Fork2
E2-09Main Gear Oleo-Pneumatic Shock2
E2-13Main Gear Oleo Lower Bracket2
E2-14Main Gear Lower Side Brace2
E2-15Main Gear Upper Side Brace2
E2-18Main Gear Arm Pin2
E2-19Main Gear Pivot2
E2-20Main Gear Strut Axle2
E2-21Main Arm Mount4
E2-22Main Gear Arm Bushing4
E2-25Lower Side Load Strut Pin2
E2-29Main Gear Pivot Axle2
E3-03Nose Gear Fork1
E3-04Nose Gear Trunnion1
E3-06Rear Drag Link1
E3-07Front Drag Link1
E3-08Drag Brace Rear Support Bracket2
E3-10Nose Gear Steering Arm1
E3-13Nose Gear Rocker Arm1
E3-15Lower Torque Link2
E3-30Drag Link Actuator Bracket1
E3-20Nose Gear Oleo / Strut Assembly1

Retraction System Kit NZD $4,875.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
XX-XXHydraulic Manifold1
XX-XXEmergency Release Ball Valve1
XX-XXRetraction system Pump1
XX-XXFlexible Hose Set1
XX-XXHose Set Fittings Kit1
H-175Main Gear Actuator - Bimba 5002
H-178Front Gear Actuator - Bimba 5001
10F-12Pressure Switch - Precision Instruments2
XX-XXFront Gear downlock / emergency - 500N2
E2-10Down lock Spring - Stbd1
E2-11Down lock Spring - Port1

Firewall Forward Kit NZD $6,525.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
B5-35Engine Cowl Top - io3601
B5-45Engine Cowl Bottom - io3601
F2-01Engine Mount1
XX-XXFasteners for engine cowls35
XX-XXAluminium profile for Firewall Surround1
XX-XXFirewall Surround fixing Hardware30
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
B5-30Engine Cowl Top - io390$0
B5-40Engine Cowl Bottom - io390$0
B5-50Carbon Firewall SurroundNZ$790
B5-80Induction air intake snorkelNZ$590

Fuel System Kit NZD $7,950.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
K2-01Front Fuel Bladder1
K2-05Custom Fuel Sump1
K2-31Port Wing Tank Foam Insert1
K2-32Stbd Wing Tank Foam Insert1
K1-99Custom Fuel Cap fixing ring1
K1-97Newton Aero 300 Fuel Cap (Screw in)1
K1-98Newton Aero 300 Fuel Cap (Glass in)2
K1-89Front Tank Fuel Sender1
K1-89Wing Tank Fuel Sender2
XX-XXFuel Drains3
XX-XXFuel Vent Tubing kit1
XX-XXFront Fuel Bladder Fixing kit1
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
K2-A2Rear Fuel Bladder KitNZ$5250
K2-A3Wet Wing to Bladder UpgradeNZ$6990
K1-94Fuel Selector - 2 wayNZ$350
K1-95Fuel Selector - 3 wayNZ$500
K1-96Fuel Selector - 4 wayNZ$700
XX-XXGascolator kitP.O.A.
XX-XXElectric fuel pumpP.O.A.

Wheels And Brake System Kit NZD $4,970.00

Standard kit contents
Part Description Qty
Grove 5.00-5 wheels2
Brake caliper and disc set2
Matco Main Wheel axles with nuts2
Air Hawk 5.00-5" Tyres and Tubes2
Matco Master Brake Cylinders (Pilot)2
Matco Brake Fluid reservoir2
Matco Park Brake Valve1
Matco Front Wheel Kit1
Air Hawk 11x4.00-5" Tyre and Tube1
Nose wheel Axle and spacer1
Optional Extras
Part Description Price
Matco Pax side brake systemNZ$560
Beringer Wheel Kit UpgradeNZ$1850
Beringer Pax side brake systemNZ$740
Beringer Other colour anodizingNZ$135
Beringer Nickel platingNZ$250
Beringer Upgrade Kit Contents
Part Description Qty
Beringer 5.00-5 Tubeless wheels (red)2
Brake caliper and disc set2
Main Wheel axles with nuts2
Michelin Aviator 5.00-5" Tyres2
Beringer Master Brake Cylinders (Pilot)2
Brake Fluid reservoir kits (Pilot)2
Stainless Steel Hose Kit with fittings.1
Anti Skid - Balance bar1
Beringer Front Wheel Kit (red)1
Beringer Nose Wheel - 4.00-5"1
Michelin Aviator 11x4.00-5"1
Nose wheel Axle and spacer1
Park Brake Valve1
Stainless Steel Hose Kit with fittings.1

NOTE: Kit components, options and pricing subject to change. Official pricing in NZ dollars. Prices are Ex Works and do not include any applicable taxes.