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Frequently Asked Questions
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  How many parts is the airframe kit composed of?
The airframe is made from fewer than 30 parts. The objectives of our project are to drastically reduce the number of parts, to reduce the construction time and to improve the quality of the finished product.
  How is the airframe divided?
The fuselage, with its fin and wing roots, is delivered in one piece; to this piece you have to add the cockpit floor, the roll-bar, the instrument panel and a ''belly-lid'' (see ''What about the systems?'' below). The wings are made from two half wings (one piece each); the half wings will be bolted to the wing roots that are part of the fuselage. Ailerons, flaps, rudder stabilizer and elevator are all one piece each. The engine cowl is in two pieces - top and bottom.
  Does the price include engine and propeller?
No, it does not. You can choose to buy a brand new engine (see the next question) or a reconditioned engine, or even to assemble your own engine.
  Can you supply the engine and propeller?
We have finalized deals with both Lycoming and XP-Engines, and we will be able to deliver the engine of your choice at very competitive prices. In the near future we will also be able to offer a ready-built ''firewall forward'' option.
  Where do you deliver to?
We can organize delivery on your behalf practically anywhere in the world.
  How will my kit be shipped?
The airframe kit (''composite package'') and the system kit (''system package''), if you choose to buy both at the same time, will be shipped in a standard 20 ft closed container (see above). How do I assemble all the pieces and what is involved? There are two main actions required in assembling the Furio: bonding (limited only to non-critical areas) and by way of nuts and bolts. The half wings are bolted to the fuselage and as such are easily removable, leaving the fuselage resting on its landing gear. The assembly of the main composite components will require a lot less work than anybody could imagine! Then there will be assembling and installation of the systems and finishing.
  How easy is it to build a Furio?
Very! The parts that make up the Furio kit are designed so as not to require the use of any jigs. It is, however, recommended to use a very simple cradle. This will make working around the fuselage, prior to installing the landing gear, much, much easier. We will provide the design for such a cradle (the cradle is also available for purchase and can be delivered with the kit in the container). The kit will arrive with comprehensive, easy-to-follow construction manuals that will guide the home builder through a complete learning experience of everything there is to know about his/her flying machine.
  What about the systems?
Essentially the systems are the same for all aeroplanes; they are made primarily from parts available off the shelf. There is, therefore, not much room to move to reduce the assembly time and the cost of these components. We have studied what we call assembly ergonomics and the Furio offers great access to its interior for the installation of all systems. As an example, the belly-lid enables the home builder to easily access the interior of the cockpit/fuselage while still standing on the floor underneath the plane no contortionism required here! You can work easily and comfortably.
  How much space will I need?
The typical two car garage is more than adequate.
  How soon can I get a Furio?
We can typically ship a kit within 6-8 weeks from initial order.